What's the cost?

You will be charged on a monthly basis starting at the end of the first 30-day enrollment period. There is a minimum 3-month enrollment period and after that you can cancel at any time if you decide Signature Primary Care is not right for you.

This covers ALL of Dr. Paige’s services in the office. No insurance will be billed and you will never owe co-pays or deductibles to Dr. Paige! **Exception: The only insurances that will be billed after October 1, 2017 are Caresource and Optima (OhioHealth employees) of established patients.


Age 25 and under $25

Age 26-64           $75

Age 65 and over $100

Enroll below and you will here from us within 1-2 business days to confirm your enrollment.  (Enrollment is not guaranteed until confirmed.)  

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