As a Signature patient, do I still use my insurance?  

Yes. If you have insurance, you will continue your relationship with Dr. Paige through your current billing with Family Practice West, Inc.  Your Signature Primary Care membership allows you to take advantage of the enhanced primary care model that insurance doesn’t cover.  Check out the benefits of being a Signature Primary Care 1.0 patient here.

Doesn’t Dr. Paige do all those things now without a membership?  If not, why doesn’t she?

Oh boy!  We wish we could do all those things with the current business model, but we don’t!  We have always believed in listening to patients, creating a personalized plan for them, being there when they need us and we know our current patients appreciate that.  The reality is though that the insurance models require a LOT of cost to run a practice and have reimbursement rules that hinder us from taking the time we’d like to practice a comprehensive approach or using technology the way we’d like. And it’s getting worse and worse.  Instead of joining a BIG hospital system that can absorb the costs (that’s a BIG step AWAY from a personalized connection), we’re stepping back in time to good old-fashioned healthcare in a modern way.  In addition, because Dr. Paige has a family to prioritize and spends some time teaching medical students to be awesome primary care doctors in the future, this model allows her to be there for her patients even when she enjoying other aspects of her life.

Do I have to be a Signature Primary Care patient to see Dr. Paige?

No.  I think.  Dr. Paige will continue to see traditional patients unless and until her Signature Primary Care panel reaches its maximum.  She will not accept new patients in the traditional model, but continue to do her best to see traditional patients together with her healthcare team.  Dr. Paige sees the Signature Model as the Ideal Medical Model and serves people best when they are able to partner together in the way the Signature Primary Care Model allows, so she encourages all her patients to think outside the box and get the benefits of Signature Primary Care 1.0.

Why the 1.0?

This is Signature Primary Care 1.0 because it’s just the beginning!  Dr. Paige is on a journey to constantly improve--your health, her health, the community’s health and the health of medicine in general, so she will constantly be improving her practice model with YOUR help.  Dr. Paige believes in the Ideal Clinic Movement.  This is where patients help design their ideal medical practice and make suggestions about what they want from their doctor.  Have an innovative, fun idea?  Let us know!

The membership seems like a big investment.  I can’t afford it.

Prioritizing the membership investment is an important decision.  It’s a HUGE value, but sometimes it’s takes a little thinking outside the box to see that.  For many, simply the reassurance of having a personal connection with a physician who will be there when you need her in a comfortable and convenient way is MORE than worth it.  Beyond that, it doesn’t take much thought to realize that the potential saved urgent care and ER visits with a timely evaluation by Dr. Paige, the peace of mind of having questions answered without spending hours asking Dr. Google, the direct service, the innovative Twine Health app to track your wellness markers and improve your health, the time off work saved because some in person visits can be replaced by virtual visits all adds up to much more than the membership.  In addition, for those who qualify for government assistance and are unable to prioritize their membership fees in their budget, Dr. Paige provides a certain number of memberships on scholarship or sliding scale.  Click here to inquire.  Would you like to give back to your local community by donating all or portion of a membership to someone in need?  Click here to donate.     

What if I don’t have insurance?  Can I still be a Signature Primary Care 1.0 patient?

Absolutely!  We have membership pricing available for self-pay patients that includes unlimited office visits!

What does Dr. Paige mean by round the clock availability?

You’ll have Dr. Paige’s direct contact information for urgent issues and questions that need to be taken care of after hours.  She’ll do her best to handle them and NOT send you to Urgent Care or ER. That’s it. For real.

Will I still have to see Dr. Paige in person or can I just call for a prescription?

One of the BEST things about Signature Primary Care 1.0 is that it allows you to form a treatment plan with Dr. Paige based on what’s medically appropriate (not what the insurance thinks is appropriate).  That means you can decide together if you need an in-person visit, a phone call, an email, videoconference or even a home visit in some cases.  Of course, in order to diagnose and manage many conditions, nothing beats being face to face, but you and Dr. Paige will decide that together.

I’m still not sure if the Signature Primary Care Path is right for me. How to I know? You are most likely a Signature Primary Care Patient if:

  • You believe that your relationship with your primary care doctor should be a close one based on mutual trust and respect.
  • You are comforted by the thought that if something arises, Dr. Paige will be your first point of contact.
  • You are busy and want your health to fit into to your life in a more convenient way.
  • You are a think outside the box type of personality and are willing to adopt new processes that make sense to you even before large industries recognize their value.
  • You may not be a “techy”, but you are comfortable with the use of technology in other areas of your life and are willing to use newer technologies like email, messaging and video in addition to good old fashioned face to face visits.

Signature Primary Care might not be for you if:

  • You are content with seeing many different providers at urgent cares rf minute clinics for small illnesses or injuries that come up.
  • You’d prefer to let large industries (like insurance or hospital systems) set the rules and wait on them to change them before you adopt new processes.  
  • You don’t have access to the internet or email and are not willing to explore this in addition to face to face visits.