1. It's Inexpensive

Group Rates As Low As $50/Month P/Person

  • Never A Copay
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Special Group Pricing

2. We're Accessible

Your doctor is available EVERY day.

  • Less Time Off Work
  • Same Day / Next Day Appointments
  • Virtual Appointments Using Text, Video and Email
  • After Hours Access to Save You From Expensive Urgent Care and ER Visits

3. A Truly Personalized Wellness Focus

A doctor who knows and cares about your whole health.

  • A doctor who knows and works with your work schedule and environment
  • A doctor who is willing to create a truly personalized workplace wellness program

4. At Cost Prescription Medications

We have extremely competitive prices.

  • We dispense over 200 medications from our office
  • No more long waits at the pharmacy

5. Discounted Lab Work & Imaging

You'll receive huge savings as a Signature Primary Care member!

  • You are told the cost of wholesale labs and imaging BEFORE done
  • Typical savings of 90% across the board
  • You are promptly notified of all lab results