You will have access to me anytime of the day through a safe portal.

Imagine you had an app where you could directly connect with Dr. Paige and her team to access your medical information, ask questions, track data (like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, calories), set and track life and health goals, make appointments and share information through messaging, calls or video. That's Twine Health! It's the most innovative platform to collaborate with you and facilitate your care that Dr. Paige could find and it's included in your membership at no extra cost!


"I get butterflies when I think of how cool this app is!  I can proactively set goals with patients and then monitor their progress--checking in with them, adjusting goals and cheering them on.  The goals can be anything from taking your medicine every day to walking 3 times a week to writing down something that you're grateful for every day--anything!  We start small, the app reminds you if it sees you haven't logged your goal action for the day and we take it from there.  If you are tracking health data, the app reaches out to me if it sees that your data is outside the range that I have set for you, so you will here from me if you're getting into a danger zone.  This is like weight watchers or myfitnesspal or fitbit or Apple health kit WITH your doctor there to guide you.  The success rates in treating obesity, hypertension, diabetes, depression/stress/anxiety and other chronic problems using this platform are HUGE!" – Dr. Paige