When you are part of Signature Primary Care, you’ve got some big benefits!



Personalized primary care designed around your goals, your schedule, your comfort with a physician that has the time to truly get to know you.

Dr. Paige believes that she best serves those who are willing to partner with her to explore every aspect of their health--physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, you name it.  With a limited number of Signature Primary Care patients, Dr. Paige can make recommendations and form a plan with you based on knowing your unique situation and preferences.


1. Same day or next day appointments with Dr. Paige with little to no wait time.

Dr. Paige believes strongly in her healthcare team and you are still welcome to see her nurse practitioner colleagues as well of course, but only if YOU choose to.

You’ve made the commitment to partner with Dr. Paige in an innovative way and she makes the commitment to you to honor your office visit as an on-time, comfortable, welcoming experience!


2. 21st century medicine and technology with an old-fashioned goal by getting direct connection to Dr. Paige...even after hours.

That’s right.  When something happens after hours that needs direct attention you’ll be able to talk directly with Dr. Paige and determine what to do together, rather than run off to retail clinics, urgent cares or emergency departments.  Round-the-clock care from a physician? You betcha. 

Of course, in the event of a true emergency, you’ll always call 911. And while Dr. Paige is able and more than willing to handle a lot of after hours issues, some will still need to be evaluated at a center of higher level of care. 


3. Commitment to the latest and greatest in HEALTH care, sick care using modern medicine and integrative approaches.

Dr. Paige believes that some of the best medicine is NOT medicine at all and she will partner with you to choose your treatment regimens to minimize “just another pill” approaches and maximize safe, effective, evidence-based integrative approaches.