Getting to know your body and what it’s telling you can be confusing! Here you will find links and helpful information to learn about how to optimize your health and guide yourself back to health if you’re not feeling your best.

General Health and Disease Specific Information

  • American Academy of Family Physicians provides health information for the whole family here.

  • The Cleveland Clinic is a trusted source of health information. Learn more here!

  • The Centers for Disease Control provides information on general health topics as well as timely information about current population health concerns. Click Here.

Children and Adolescents

  • Dr. Greene provides a trusted source for holistic parenting and care for kids. Click here.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics’ website is a trusted source of current recommendations on common health conditions and child development. Click here.

Prevention and Early Detection

  • Immunization Schedules Click Here
  • Health Screening recommendations ... please note that this information changes from time to time and should ALWAYS be personalized.  Ask about specific screenings for you at your annual wellness exam.


  • is a great one stop resource for questions about your medication, possible interactions and pill identification. Click here.
  • Good RX is a must have to help you find the most cost-effective way to get your prescriptions. Click Here.

Nutrition and Fitness


Healthy weight loss and maintenance is a topic dear to my heart and I enjoy helping everyone from those dealing with body issues at a healthy weight to those who have hundreds of pounds to lose with a personalized plan and support..  

Here are some websites that discuss healthy ways to lose weight and feel confident and vibrant at any size.

  • Weight Watchers has a long history of providing a supportive environment and reasonable nutrition plan for weight loss.  Participating in a healthy community id key to success. 
  • Dr. Mark Hyman is a trusted source of integrative health information about healthy weight.
  • Though located in Las Vegas, Blossom Bariatrics is a wonderful resource of bariatric surgery for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.  
  • Weight loss is more than just calories in and calories out.  Addressing our feelings and cultural traditions around eating is key. Click Here.
  • Mindful eating is a key to a healthy relationship with food, but how do you do it? Dr. Michelle May has great ways to learn. Click Here.
  • Are you waiting on weight to enjoy your life.  Sometimes examining what areas of your life are lackluster and really working towards thriving in those areas is just what you need to feel happier, healthier and get the weight off.  Sarah Jenks is a great resource for guidance. Click here.

Smoking Cessation

I love helping people quit, so don’t forget to set up a personalized plan with me.  Here’s some general info to help you get jazzed about starting your quitting!

Emotional Health


  • Alcoholics Anonymous provides a non-judgemental, safe place to learn about addiction for those at any stage
  • Al-anon and Alateen provides support to the loved ones of those dealing with addiction

Healthcare Cost Help

Integrative/Holistic Health information

  • The Institute of Functional Medicine promotes a well-rounded approach to wellness that gets to the root cause of chronic conditions. You can learn more about that approach here
  • Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the leaders in functional medicine provides a lot of great information in his website
  • The Environmental Working Group is on the cutting edge of advocating for healthier environment’s impact on healthier lives.  They are a non-profit, non-partisan group dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. Learn more here.
  • Mindbodygreen is a popular media outlet providing a lot of holistic health and wellness information with the goal of revitalizing the way people eat, move and live.


Sometimes the best medicine is looking outside of ourselves, having an attitude of gratitude and a lot of laughs.  Here are some of my favorites!