Cost-effective healthcare for your business!  

Finally! Affordable office-based primary care for businesses is available. With Signature Primary Care, you get prompt same day/ next day medical treatment from your personal physician resulting in fast recovery and less time off work.


1. It's Inexpensive

Group Rates As Low As $50/Month P/Person

  • Never A Copay
  • Unlimited Visits
  • Special Group Pricing

2. We're Accessible

Your doctor is available EVERY day.

  • Less Time Off Work
  • Same Day / Next Day Appointments
  • Virtual Appointments Using Text, Video and Email
  • After Hours Access to Save You From Expensive Urgent Care and ER Visits

3. A Truly Personalized Wellness Focus

A doctor who knows and cares about your whole health.

  • A doctor who knows and works with your work schedule and environment
  • A doctor who is willing to create a truly personalized workplace wellness program

4. At Cost Prescription Medications

We have extremely competitive prices.

  • We dispense over 200 medications from our office
  • No more long waits at the pharmacy

5. Discounted Lab Work & Imaging

You'll receive huge savings as a Signature Primary Care member!

  • You are told the cost of wholesale labs and imaging BEFORE done
  • Typical savings of 90% across the board
  • You are promptly notified of all lab results

"It was a late Friday evening on a holiday weekend. I was on vacation in Florida. I called Dr. Paige and we talked for 5 to 6 minutes and I texted her a picture of my rash. I was diagnosed and a prescription was called in. She even called to check up on me 2 days later!”

- Signature Care Member

What To Do Now

  1. Review our pricing information below.
  2. Read thru our 'How It Works' page so you can see from an individual member's perspective all the benefits, details and important information.
  3. Contact Dr. Paige today by filling out the form below to see if Signature Primary Care is right for you and your employees.
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Special Pricing & Business Rates Available

Our pricing system is very straightforward – which probably isn’t what you’re used to. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Save money and call us today to schedule a meeting with Dr. Paige to see if our concierge care is the right fit for your business.

  • $75 per month 1-4 enrollees

  • $60 per month 5 enrollees and above

  • Customized rates available for enrollee groups more than 25 people