Getting sick never happens at a convenient time–but having a doctor who is just a text & phone call away (literally) is the exact convenience you need–and I can now offer with Signature Primary Care!


Many people aren’t happy with medicine these days–both patients and doctors!  As a patient, you deserve to have time with your doctor in order to come up with the care plan that is best for you and for your doctor to be available when you need them in a way that’s convenient for you.  

As physicians, we want to have a direct relationship with you that is not interrupted by insurance, employers or others who might not have your best interest in mind.  We want to have time with you, be available for you and connect with you when and how it’s convenient–not when the insurance rules say we can.  


And that’s where Signature Primary Care comes in–this is a totally new way of relating to Dr. Paige and a totally new way of embracing your health.