Main Sales Video For SPC Enrollment

I'm open to cutting some more content out of this video. Ideally it'd be great to get it to around 5:30. However, I cut a lot of content out already, and I felt that everything you said in here was important to explain SPC as a whole. I'd love to get your opinion and feedback on this to see if there are any moments in this video that you feel like just shouldn't be there. 

Benefits Of Signature Primary Care

Yes, this video is very detailed and has a lot of content, but for this specific video that is the goal. It's taking the time to describe every benefit of SPC and not explaining the value of the program. The main video above has condensed versions of the benefits, and this video would be the one people would jump into in order to more deeply understand everything that's included. And listed below this video will be the benefits clearly and simply bullet pointed. 

Facebook Teasers

We can post the "Main Sales Video For SPC Enrollment"... However, these two clips come across so strong, clear and exciting that I'm considering using one of these two videos as the Facebook teasers for people to click onto our website to learn more. The average view of a video is only about 45 seconds on Facebook before they click to your website, so since these ones are a bit shorter and captivate your attention I'm thinking they may be fantastic intro videos to peak the interest of your patients. 

Pricing & Medications

I love the way you talked thru the pricing here and medications. I decided to pull this specific content out because I know that's a huge topic of concern. Everyone just wants to know "how much". So we could possibly use this as a Facebook ad, but definitely as an email + blog combo! 

SPC For Business

You look stunning! Seriously you did such a fantastic job here and I could not be more proud of you. This video is direct and to the point. We will have tons of content on the page for interested employers to quickly consume the benefits, details and cost. *This isn't a video that we'll promote on Facebook. It will be accessible thru the main navigation, and it'll be labeled "Business Plans". 

Our Philosophy

This will be a great video to use in our email marketing plan and as a blog. We can definitely incorporate it on the main sales page if you feel it's beneficial to have it there. But it's a great piece to peak the interest of potential patients who will sign up. I added a bit more playful music to this one; it's subtle but I think it fits the vibe we're setting here. 

Website Welcome

I think this is a great 45 second intro to the site to get someone interested in learning more about what you do and how SPC may be a good fit for them and their family.

About Dr. Paige

I'm so freakin pleased with how well this turned out. I know you mentioned when we were filming that there were pieces of this that didn't "feel" like an about video. I definitely cut some pieces from our talk (and made micro content out of it for the blog below), and I kept the pieces that I felt would create emotional connections with your potential clients. 

An about page and especially a video should address the problems your patients face and why you are uniquely qualified and the best option to fix those problems for them, while still allowing your personality to shine thru. I definitely think we've accomplished all of that in this video, and would love to get your feedback if there's anything you'd like to tweak. 

Micro Content For Emails + The Blog

All of the below videos will be great ways to break down what SPC is, who you are as a person and physician, and why they should join. We can use these smaller pieces of content to peak their interest and hook them to learn a bit more on the pages with more information. You did such a fantastic job coming across genuine, professional and passionate about what you're doing and why they need to be a part of it. 

Blog Teaser My Family & Students

Blog Teaser Doctor In The Family

Blog Teaser Direct Access To Dr. Paige

Blog Teaser Having A Relatable Doctor