Help Support a Specific Breast Cancer Trial

When I donate to a cause, I always wonder where exactly the money goes. This is a chance to support a cause that is very specific and relevant. This supports a clinical trial to take place soon that is testing a therapy that may help a friend and colleague of mine. Dr. Lori Grennan was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer when her little one was about the same age as my daughter, Ava. She is a Mom, a Family Doctor, a Friend, a Daughter here in central Ohio. See below for more information about Dr. Lori and how you can help.

A note from Dr. Lori……
Hi friends!!

Another year has passed, and I continue to fight stage IV Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  In February of this year after almost a year of remission cancer returned to the fluid in the lining of my lungs.  I started new chemotherapy and had catheters inserted into my lungs to drain the fluid (1-1.5 liters each time) on an almost weekly basis.  I am pleased to report that while I still have fluid in my lungs it has stabilized over the last three months.  My last lung tap was in June.  Although I deal with shortness of breath, significant muscle and joint pain, daily headaches and quite a bit of fatigue I am very happy to still be here living each day to the fullest.  My family and friends and especially Liam and Nora (age five and two) are my reasons to fight fight fight!  I thank God each and every morning for the chance at another day to make more memories.  I am very blessed.

The last two years our team has raised $10,000-$15,000 in an American Cancer Society breast cancer walk.  This year we decided to take our efforts one step further and do our own fundraiser to benefit The IBC Network Foundation.  All the proceeds raised in this fundraiser will go towards a clinical trial being conducted at MD Anderson.  This study is investigating a particular treatment for patients with breast cancer that has spread to the lining of the lungs (patients like me!). The diagnosis of malignant pleural effusion is often a late stage finding and carries a very poor prognosis.  We are excited that the money raised in our fundraiser will go towards a specific cause to help extend lives.  Of my three closest “IBC sisters” one passed away last month and two are now in hospice.  All four of us were diagnosed within a few months of each other.  All four of us are moms to young children.  Breast cancer is not all pink ribbons and happy endings. 

We are hosting a scavenger hunt to be launched from Delaware, Ohio (just north of Columbus) on October 23, 2011. The hunt will take you and your team throughout central Ohio collecting clues, taking funny pictures and raising money to support breast cancer research.  It is going to be so much FUN!

Prior to the hunt we will form teams and ask friends and family to join us or help support us with donations, just like a charity walk or race.  Help us spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and family.

If you want to participate, email and I will send you forms. 

You can also mail donations (checks made payable to The IBC Network Foundation) to:

Lori Grennan
1111 Royal Oak Drive
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Thank you so much for your continued support of our fight against Inflammatory Breast Cancer!

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions!

Lori Grennan
mom, wife, daughter, sister, physician, and friend with Stage IV IBC