I heart my CSA! <3

Community Supported Agriculture…my new love…my Wednesday afternoon fruit and veggie hookup!  It is so fun to go every Wednesday afternoon and be surprised with gorgeous produce that I ordinarily probably wouldn’t pick out in the store.  And then it’s time to go home and figure out how to use every little bit of it.  I am admittedly horrible about being as efficient as I could with my food (i.e.-I have been known to throw away plenty o’ spoiled food). There is something about meeting the people who have put their hard work into it and knowing exactly where it comes from that leads to a greater appreciation for every little morsel.

So, we bought a share from Wayward Seed Farm this year and I’ve never been so excited about fruits & veggies!  The farm is practically in our backyard in Marysville. They are committed to responsible farming practices that bring harvests of flavorful organic produce.  I think/hope the concept of a CSA will make it hip to support local economies, inspire more farmers to harvest responsible healthy foods and more people to nourish themselves with fruits & vegetables (after THEY are the “good stuff”).

Have you heard the stats about how there are not enough farmers producing fruits and veggies for all of us to eat the recommended 8-10 servings per day?  I wonder if any meat producers would be interested in dedicating their pasture to CSA production?  Can you say WIN-WIN?