Make It Happen Mondays

Check out what we are starting at the office! An informal weekly meeting to help people who are looking for support, motivation and accountability to meet their health goals.


  • Mondays. Chat time and Weigh-ins from 5-5:30 followed by a short program at 5:30. We will always be done before 6:00.

What you get?

  1. An opportunity to follow a plan that is unique to you and to hold yourself accountable for your healthcare goals.
  2. Support from people with common goals.
  3. Educational tips and guidance to help you along your path.
  4. Motivation to keep up your progress through successes and setbacks.
  5. Weekly challenges/assignments to guide you.
  6. Weekly prize give aways
  7. Monthly cash give aways (eligible for those who contribute monthly, attend all sessions, complete assignments/challenges–see below)


What you give?

  • Enthusiasm
  • A positive mindset
  • Respect for those on this journey with you
  • Confidentiality regarding things that others share
  • Readiness for a fresh start
  • Dedication to come every week
  • Commitment to complete weekly challenges
  • Monthly monetary contribution ($20)

What you do

  1. Come every week to be weighed
  2. Complete challenges/assignments geared at helping you meet your goal
  3. Choose an approach that is right for you and go for it!
  4. Diets don’t work so this isn’t about being on a diet. This is about gradually changing the way you live your life in order to feel better and live better. In order to do this, YOU have to figure out how you want to feel and what you are willing to do to get there. The journey is different for everyone so no one is going to write the map for you.

Some ideas…

  •—–food tracking system based on points
  •—–online support community
  •—–online support community
  • Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat by Michelle May, M.D.—–mindful eating approach that respects your body’s ability to guide itself to a healthy body weight.

Self-directed goal setting with weekly/daily activity, nutrition and life management goals—–take an honest survey of where you are at now and make gradual changes via goal setting. All goals are positively worded and are things that you are 90% confident that you will be able to achieve