7 Unexpected Changes at Home for a Healthier You


While many of the most powerful changes we hear about come from within, there are some simple changes we can make to our outside environment that can have far-reaching effects on our internal health.

Because when we set things up for success in our day-to-day space, it makes it easier to do what’s right for your health without having to think about staying motivated!

So how can you help your day-to-day environment help you?


Here are seven simple things to change in your day-to-day environment that will make for a healthier you:

1. Let There Be Light!

Did you know that rooms with brighter light have been shown to improve your mood? Bonus points if that light is natural, but even brighter artificial lighting is helpful. Double bonus points if that light is coming through an open window with fresh air flowing in!

2. Front and Center

Give healthy foods prime shelf space in your fridge, pantry or countertops. Best to not have any food in plain site on a regular basis (out of sight, out of mind, right), but if you do, make it a bowl of fresh fruit or a bowl of almonds. In the fridge or pantry put whole, fresh, natural foods at eye level (or within reach of your kids) and put the junk food or special treats in the top back.

3. Nice to (Not) See You

What is the first area you see when you come home? When you are greeted with an area free of things that appear cluttered or out of place, it helps you feel more relaxed and focused on settling into home. And the bonus? Tidy begets tidy.  So when an area is free of clutter, you are more likely to keep it that way by putting small things away as you go.  If the area if already messy, you’re more likely to add to it.

4. Let It Grow

Bring nature to you by adding houseplants to your home or work. When you surround yourself with even small influences of nature, your mood benefits and air quality improves.

5. What’s That Smell?

Use natural odor eliminators like lemon, baking soda, white vinegar or essential oils in your home. Strong artificial scents made from chemical compounds are often irritating to eyes, nose, and lungs.

6. Pipe Down

Did you know you can hear clutter in addition to seeing it?  Be mindful of what you are expecting your brain to process via sound. Television, radio, kids’ games, multiple conversations, or ambient noise from a busy street can easily be heard all at once in a bustling home. Use sound dampening curtains to keep out ambient noise, turn off the background noise from multiple sources for decreased stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, and increased connection with your family.

7. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

You spend eight hours a day in bed, so make it comfy! It’s easy to lose track of how long you’ve had that mattress and pillow for. A firm, supportive sleep surface with minimal, clean, and comfortable bed surroundings go a long way. Better back and neck health, more restful sleep, less exposure to dust and allergens all combine for better health.


To Your Best Health,
Dr. Paige  

What simple change will you make in your day-to-day environment first? Where are you already doing great?

Let me know in the comments below!


Dr. Paige Gutheil is a board-certified osteopathic family medicine physician and advocate for a Whole Health approach to your wellness.  She is on a mission to help people thrive by looking at all the influences on health...body, mind, and spirit.  Dr. Paige is the founder of an innovative team-based direct primary care practice, Signature Primary Care and Wellness in Hilliard, Ohio. She and her colleagues provide comprehensive primary care, counseling, coaching, nutrition education and yoga to help people all over central Ohio and beyond make fun, achievable changes towards their healthiest and happiest life possible!