Top 10: Fun Stuff for Taking Summer with You into a Healthy Fall


SO cliche. “Summer goes by SO fast.”

Well, it does. That’s why we say it all the time. ; )

It occurred to me the other day that even as we are on to fall sweaters and football and school routines, we don’t have to leave all the summer fun behind.  And we certainly don’t have to use the “cold” as an excuse to not make healthy choices.

Why not extend your summer fun and healthy habits?

1. Go cloud-watching

Lie on your back, relax, and watch the sky (even if you have to put a jacket on!).

2. Send a love note

The family reunion might be over but it doesn’t mean you can love ‘em up anyway. Send a note to Aunt Betsy.  You’ll be her new fave!

3. Blow bubbles

Bubbles are just fun y’all...inside, outside, under the porch, by the campfire.  

4. Light sparklers

Same thing with sparklers while you’re at it. They are just plain fun and shouldn’t only be saved for July 4th!

5. Do a mini-spring clean

Recycle five things from your closet or toy chest that you don’t love or use anymore.

6. Stop

Sit somewhere green and be quiet for a few minutes.

7. Eat green

Speaking of green and lots of it even if it’s out of the frozen section and not your garden. Broccoli. Spinach. Kiwi. Green beans. Asparagus. Celery. Fresh herbs. The list goes on and on.

8. Inhale an upbeat smell

Those flowers may not be in bloom, but you can still enjoy them from the store or from a natural candle or essential oils. They also say peppermint suppresses food cravings and boosts mood.

9. Walk

Here in Ohio we spend a lot of time complaining (or we’ll call it discussing) the weather. It’s okay though. We can do it! Walk outside with a jacket, coat, mittens, scarves, umbrellas. Or walk inside, but let’s just walk!

10. Plan a two-day vacation

Instead of summer vacay, have a fall staycay over a weekend. Turn off your phone, tell people you’ll be away, and then do something new in your town!

Do you ever find yourself lamenting the end of summer? Do you ever find yourself using the cold and comfort food season as an excuse to choose the not-so-healthy path most travel by?   It’s easy to do when you think about the cold winter midwestern months. But you don’t gotta you know.  

What summer fun can you extend into fall fun?