Say Goodbye to Unknown Insurance Costs

Your Signature Primary Care membership has a list of benefits between you and your Primary Care doctor. With at-cost prescriptions and direct access to your doctor, this is the way healthcare should be. 

One of our favorite perks with SPC is saying goodbye to the unexpected insurance costs you deal with when visiting your Primary Care doctor. The advantage of working with Dr. Paige is that ALL of your primary needs are included within one monthly price. 

And there's nothing better than knowing what to expect financially before you visit your doctor. Watch below as Dr. Paige explains medications, insurance and pricing with this exciting new way to work with your doctorl

How Signature Primary Care works with Insurance:

How medications work with Signature Primary Care:


Is SPC for you?

You can learn more about Signature Primary Care by clicking here. I'd love for you to decide if this is the right fit for you and your family.