Real Patient Testimonials for Signature Primary Care


You deserve to be treated with good healthcare, and that's exactly what I created Signature Primary Care. Hear it from those who are already enjoying the ease of SPC: 

"Dr. Paige Is There When I Need Her!"

“I love this program!  I'm not a hypochondriac or anything, but I love the feeling of knowing Dr. Paige is there to ask a question when I need her.  I don't have to research on the internet forever and then worry until I can get in to see her.  I just ask her right away and get reassurance and direction.” 


The biggest benefit this far for me has been the convenience factor. Since I travel so often, and I'm always running somewhere – being able to text a question or issue, or even a photo has been a lifesaver. To have access to the typical tests and paperwork (i.e. work physicals) that I can schedule on my own time without an office visit is priceless. So much of how we chose our providers in healthcare today is driven/dictated by insurance. I recently met a very helpful chiropractor but declined continued treatment because of my out of pocket cost. I'm really excited to see what WE can do together when the doctor and patient relationship is front and center.    


"SO Much Better Than Other Telemedicine Options"

I don't have to miss work as much to run to the doctor.  I love the technology aspect because I can show her a photo of something, instead of waiting days to get an appointment. I can even take my own blood pressure, and run it by her to see if I need to make any adjustments. But, on the other hand, if I'm having symptoms, I know there is someone who knows me and my history who is there to see me right away. SO much better than other telemedicine options.


"Combining Traditional Medicine With A Natural Approach"

“I love that Dr. Paige is all about combining traditional medicine with a natural approach.  She's not just gonna throw a pill at me (unless I really need it) and she encourages me to set goals and improve my health naturally to get OFF medicine!”


"Predictable & Affordable Costs"

This program is worth its weight in gold!  It took a little getting used to, but when I thought about it the monthly membership fee is so much more reassuring to me.  No copays, no deductibles or coinsurance stuff when I see Dr. Paige.  I like that is predictable and affordable and she's building, even more cost savings into her program as it evolves.  I trust her and I know that she is committed to doing what's right for me She does her best to keep me out of running last minute to Urgent Care, hospitals, and random specialists’ offices unless it's absolutely necessary.  


"Dr. Paige Focuses on Mind, Body & Soul"

I'm proud to have a Doctor who is my partner in my health and cares about her patients, mind, body, and soul!


Is SPC for you?

You can learn more about Signature Primary Care by clicking here. I'd love for you to decide if this is the right fit for you and your family.